Monday, December 22, 2008


Well!! It seems to be awhile since I posted here. 4 months?!? What's the pointin having a blog if I never updateit? Actually, I've been thinking aboutthe best way to keep a blog so as to not waste my time,but somehow trying to link all my social network sites together. It's quite a conundrum. There are dozens and dozens of social network sites out there, but honestly, who has the time to go through and cheack eachone, update each one, etc without taking up hours and hours of time?

I'd like to keep some kind of professional looking blog, and let everyone know what I'm doing. It's still a work in progress.

These past few months, I have shifted gears in real estate, still trying to find my niche that I can stick with. I have been looking into out of state investing in rental property. Specifically Cleveland, Ohio. Clevelandoffers an opportunity to purchase cheap cheap houses, fix them up, and rent them. There is tremendous opportunity for cashflow.

HOWEVER---The ability to find money in order to buy these has proven extremely difficult. I have my first house under contract now, and I am supposed to close in a week. But to date, I have no money to buy it or fix it up. I have talked to several different investors, but nobody seems to be interested.

All I want to do is get one deal done. That's it, just one deal. If I can do one deal, my confidence will skyrocket. I haven't done a real deal since last December. A year ago, when I wholesaled 18 Davis St. One year ago.

Man, this businessis so hard. Yet people talk about it like it's a piece of cake. They say things like "It was so easy, I just did this and it was done. Just landed 2 more deals this week."

I don't know. What amI missing? Should I be willing to sacrifice everything else in my life to get a deal done? Should I sacrifice time with my kids to geta deal done? People who are successful always seem to sacrifice things to get deals. Then they always reflect later andsay "Oh, I wish I spent more time with my kids". SOmetimes I think in order to have any quality of life, you need to sacrifice for a few years. But I love my kids, and I would hate to not see them for 2 years. I know by spending time with them now, I am investing in their futures. That will eventually pay off, I know.

But I still need to pay bills now.

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AtomicLaura said...

You must be a great Dad! Your best investment is your kids.