Wednesday, June 3, 2009

checking in

Just a quick update. I know, I am the WORST blogger in the world with my once a month updates.

I have been making some changes in my life, after seeing my life heading in the wrong direction for so long. If you don't actively keep track of your habits and change them for the better, then the natural progression will be towards laziness, sloth, and poverty.

I was looking at some old pictures of myself and my first daughter, taken when we lived in AZ around 1999-2000. I can't believe it's been 10 years! Back then, I was so slim, I was normal size. I never thought about weight back then, it just wasn't an issue in my life. But fast forward to now, and my weight is probably the most dominating thought in my head every day. I literally have gained about 80 pounds since back then. And I think most of the 80 lbs has been put on in the past 4 years.

After sulking, procrastinating, hoping, wishing, praying for the weight to go away, I finally did something about it. I joined a gym, after about a year of not exercising at all. I have noticed lately that I have been breathing a lot harder, trying to catch my breath, just plain being out of shape. But I know from past experience that it doesn't take much to get the heart and lungs going again. So for the past 2 days, I have been going to the gym, doing cardio stuff for about 40 minutes per day. This is what I can handle for now. Maybe after a week, I can increase that to 45-60 minutes. I've done it before.
I have viewed exercise as very boring in the past. But I had a thought. Instead of focusing on "Holy crap, I am going to have to exercise like this every day for the next 6 months in order to see any real changes", which is long term, why can't I focus on short term benefits? Something like "I have an hour right now, why not go to the gym and get it over with" or "If I exercise right now, I will breathe better and feel better for the rest of today, and I will sleep better tonight".
So, that's my quest for now. Just get back into a gym routine. And I am at a brand new gym in town called Planet Fitness. It's great, lots of machines, friendly staff, and they have rules against those Mr Olympia types who like to be loud, grunt, drop weights, etc. If you do that stuff, they kick you out!
My other big hurdle is getting motivation and momentum for real estate deals. After making several offers on Cleveland REO's, but not having a money resource, I have just been more fearful of "this won't work". I still see money as the biggest hurdle. But the good news is, I talked to a credit attorney, and he gave me some good advice on how to handle my bad credit situation. And the good news is that this whole mess has forced me to not borrow one single dime for over a year now. I haven't borrowed any money for a year! For me, that is a milestone. I have survived,and I am much more aware of my financial situation if I'm not borrowing.
I started looking into buying tax sale properties in PA and NY,and I have a partner who is willing to do all the reasearch for us. We may make a trip out to PA this month, I hope! I would absolutely love to just buy one stinkin house out there. My fears and hurdles would just melt if I had one house.
The REIA group is going extremely well. Many new members sign up all the time! People have great things to say. I also attended a Boston REIA a couple weeks ago and met Than Merrill. He is sort of a local around here, so everyone knows him. He is on the A&E program "Flip This House" with his CT Homes partners. I met Paul Esajian several months ago. Those guys are cool, and they have a very detailed wholesaling system.
Anyway, I hope to have some good news next time! God willing, maybe I'll even update this blog more than once a month!


Jodi Quinn said...

Tim, I know that struggle with exercise and weight. It's a tough one. I just bought a bike. I'm not a big walker, but I'd like to get outside more during the summer.

Your goals are great! I think you should try to post your progress at least once a week though. [That's a dare. :)]

Laura said...

ya.. I agree with Jodi, blog at least weekly!
I'm happy for your gym decision. I have gotten really out of shape since having my kids and have vowed to start running again. Just about every disease you hear about can be prevented by running/exercise! So I say 'I'll just get new knees later' and we now live in the actual Hill Country. It's great.
So take advantage of those hills!
good luck with the investment stuff... I'm an ignoramus at all that!

Kelly said...

I double dog dare you!! :) I bought the bean and have been doing stuff at home. It feels great. I might go to the gym when I hit my first milestone of my big goal. Too soon to tell. Right now I'm doing stuff at home on my schedule. I don't have to wait for the chick with the headband and legwarmers to get off of the eliptical. :)
Yay Tim! Good to hear from you!!

Steph said...

I triple dog dare you!

Nice to see you posting, Tim, and glad that you are taking steps in the right direction.

Keep up the good work at the gym, and keep posting. :)