Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Out the door

Well, I made 5 offers today and they are out the door. I talked to my agent a little bit, and he is happy to be submitting them for me. The prices have dropped so much on these, that the downside is almost gone. My first goal is to wholesale them. If I cannot wholesale them then I will proceed to find rehab money partners to fix and either sell or rent them. As the days go on, my goal is to keep submitting offers at the rate of just one per day. It sounds like not much, but if I can stay focused and disciplined, one offer per day os actually quite a bit, and I should have a contract very soon.

I am relieved now. For so long, I have been busy with other stuff, and procrastinating. I finally took action on something, and it feels good. I want this to turn into a daily mindless chore, instead of this giant hurdle I have made it into. I want a daily offer to be as habitual as brushing my teeth.

I'm going to the gym in a couple of hours. This is a very productive day!


Jodi Quinn said...

Man, Tim, you are really rollin'!
Two posts in one week...5 offers...workin' out...

Way to go! I wanna be like YOU!

Tim C said...

believe me Jodi, you are waaaay ahead of me!