Friday, July 31, 2009


Just a quick update, I can't believe I let a month go by again without posting. Here in Maine its been an absolutely miserable summer. We have long winters here, so we look forward to summertime with a passion. June and July had more rain and grey skies than any summer in my life! It rained almost every day all summer. Now we have August, but we're all pessimistic about it.
Anyway, the REIA group thing has been going great! We had a networking meeting in July at a local restaurant, and 20 people showed up. I had expected maybe 10 tops. But we had some more new faces, which is great. We have another networking meeting coming up on August 12th. It's funny because there is a Robert Kiyosaki RichDad seminar right down the road that same evening, and afternoon. I am thinking of attending the afternoon session and passing out business cards for people to come to the REIA meeting.
We also have an upcoming CRUISE! Boston Harbor cruise for a bunch of New England REIA groups on August 13th, which should be awesome. I need a date, so if you know anyone......;)
I am preparing an offer on a house in western PA right now, if my computer and printer will cooperate with me. It's a rehab to rental, but the cashflow numbers look really good. My first option, as always, will be to try and wholesale it. I will need to find a partner to put up the cash, but this should be a good deal. I'm planning a road trip out there sometime in August. Then it's just onto the next.
Other news, we got back from a week at camp up north, or as Maine comedian Bob Marley says "We're goin' upta camp!" It was great, I took the girls boating, fishing, swimming, biking, etc. I am also on an aggressive plan to lose weight. I finally saw my doctor last week, and he is concerned about my blood pressure. So since then, I have been hounding the gym, and eating right. No more sweets, desserts, etc, no soda (just water all the time), curb the pasta, etc. I am buying more fruit and veggies at the supermarket, and enjoying them. I haven't weighed myself this week, nor will I. I'll just see how the pants fit every day. Goal is to lose 100 pounds. Though 140 lbs would be ideal and put me in perfect physical condition. That's a ways away. One of my role models Rush Limbaugh has lost 80 lbs in 6 months! But in the meantime, I am already feeling much better. Breathing better, less appetite, sleeping better, more energy, etc.

Until next time!

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Kelly said...

Bad weather in summer can be a drag. We have lots of smoke here, like overcast, YUK. Sounds like your camp trip was fun! Good idea about the rich dad seminar biz card handout. Veggies good, cake bad ;) Happy cruise Lucky Duck!
Keep us posted about the PA place.
I enjoy reading your blog. I'm working on keeping my comments short and to the point. I think I nailed it here. :)