Tuesday, September 22, 2009

764 Lathrop Street

Hi folks, here is a short blog update. I have placed this house under contract in New Castle, PA, and I am actively seeking a cash partner for the deal. Your investment total will be under $20k, and that buys you 50% co-ownership of the house. I will purchase the house, rehab it, and put a tenant in there, as well as manage it myself for the duration of our partnership. The return on your investment is amazing! These houses are inexpensive, and the rental market is strong.

If you are interested in making more return on your money, please let me know by calling me at 207-651-5536 or emailing me at tim@cadjockey.com. I will provide you with a full breakdown of the numbers.

We need to close quickly on this one, as in a couple of weeks at most, or this deal will slip away!


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